Affiliated with WELS


Grace Lutheran Church in Hutchinson, Minnesota offers several different programs for youth. Here are some of the offerings.

Sunday School

Following Sunday morning worship, children age pre-K through eighth grade are invited to attend inspiring sessions that instruct them in the truths of the Bible. They learn everything from the story of Creation and the Great Flood to the birth of Jesus and his death on the cross and his resurrection. Students also learn how the Bible offers guidance on dealing with challenges in their daily lives.

Vacation Bible School

In July, a week of daily Bible-focused activities are offered to children age pre-K through eighth grade. The emphasis is on fun, with themes varying from outer space and the tropics to a western rodeo.


Sixty- to 90-minute classes are offered Wednesdays during the school year to students in grades 6-8. Sixth-graders study the the first four Gospels and are introduced to Luther’s Small Catechism. Seventh- and eight-graders receive more intense Catechism instruction. Upon successful completions, students are confirmed in their faith toward the end of their eight-grade school year.

Youth Group

The Grace-Immanuel Luther League, also known as GILL, is for students in grade 5-12. The group meets monthly for a devotion, followed by fun activities such as indoor games, bowling, mini-golf, winter outdoor sliding and other adventures.